Starry Sky Starsky for chromotherapy is an indispensable element in the cabin massage. It is ideal in order to make unique and personal every type of treatment in which the excitement and sense of well embrace the client during the session to carry the mind in a state of total relaxation.


Fiber Optic Starry Sky Starsky for chromotherapy is an essential element to enrich beauty salon, Spas and spa-relaxation areas to create light.


It is an oval-shaped device, made of a polycarbonate panel blue light and durable, specular aluminum with 4 attachment points for mounting to the ceiling.


Fiber Optic Starry Sky Starsky is equipped with a dichroic lamp with the possibility of chromatic variation, through 400 points of light of optical fibers.


From the panel , you can create specific light trails : relaxing, stimulating or maintain a fixed color that is suitable for the appropriate treatment.


WHITE is the color that revitalizes the whole body, white light contains all the colors of the rainbow and regulates the body biorhythms.


RED  it is called great power and symbolizes the rising sun which is active in edema, stasis in the lymph and blood. Usage :oily skin, rough ,intoxicated, endemic and nodular cellulite.


YELLOW is the color of rationality. It is active in combination with other colors, in the treatment of blemished skin, lifeless, stressed. It actives the lymphatic system  cleanses liver , intestines and blood. Usage: oily skin, acne and lymphatic stasis.


GREEN  is the color of serenity it is active in premature skin aging , wrinkles , sagging skin , malnourishment , dehydration , discoloration. Use :dry skin , relaxed, withered , wrinkled , fragile , dehydrated.


BLUE is the color of relaxation, it has antiseptic and bacterial properties , it sooths sunburns and heat rashes , it is good for wrinkles caused by stress. Use: couperose skin, thin , with large pores , contracted, congested .


VIOLET is the color of meditation, is active in dermatoses. Use: skin with freckles, with oxidation stains and oily skin.

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